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MultiTech comes from the market necessity felt by our partners, clients and shareholders to serve as a bridge of connection between the suppliers and end users in an evergrowing, everchanging global market. The need for trust and quality control procedures between new suppliers and costumers prompted us to enter the market to do our best to close the circuit of quality between every process that MultiTech advises and to bring it to a winning closure.

Having shareholders whose main line of work has been real estate development, infraestructures and hospitality for more than two decades, it made perfect sense to creat a vehicle between our worldwide costumers and suppliers, located in one of the main new commercial hubs: United Arab Emirates. MultiTech then is the connection between the several quality proven suppliers and partners around the world with whom we have worked and the market and costumers that need our services.

Multitech. Bridging solutions.

What We Do

Our areas of expertise

Construction Management & Project Design

With a multi-faceted, daring and experienced team, we produce optimized construction projects, easy to execute and with low execution costs, without jeopardizing the quality and safety of them and their users

  • Architectural Project Design
  • Engineering Project Design
  • Management and Supervision of Construction Sites

Turnkey Solutions in Project, Interior Design & Fitout

Whether it is a home, a office building or a hotel, you can count on Multitech to provide a solid and safe study, as well as the supply and application of the products and equipments.

  • Hospitality Projects
  • Corporate Projects
  • Residential Projects

Agro & Renewables

Multitech liaises with partners that have proven skills in the Design, study and preparation of turkey solutions, and follows up on the control and supervision

  • Agricultural Projects
  • Pisciculture Projects
  • Renewable Energy Projects (Solar and Wind)

Industry Design & Assembly

Multitech has proven suppliers in the industrial area that can cater for projects of preparation and assembly of simple fabrication lines such as:

  • Food Industry (Vegetable Pulp, Jam, Pasta, Oil, Sweets)
  • Packaging Industry (Paper Bags, Cups, Boxes, etc)
  • Construction industry (Concrete Blocks, Bricks, Concrete Central Production)

Investment & Funding of Infrastructures

Multitech brings the expertise of partners that have done several projects around the world that consist on the funding and execution of large scale projects such as:

  • Highways & Infrastructure
  • Deep Water Ports
  • Airports
  • Power

Construction Materials

Being a strong commercial hub, with connection to the main industrial areas of the world, Multitech and its partners, in Europe and Asia, supply quality construction materials at an affordable cost, while monitoring their production and shipping

  • Glass and Aluminium Facades and Windows
  • Ceramics
  • Lighting (Corporate, Hospitality and Industrial)
  • Carpentry

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